E. Leedskalnin, Rock Gate, Homestead, Florida USA This writing is lined up so that when you read it you look East, and all the description you will read. 30 Nov As always the search for clues continues.. how did Ed Leedskalnin quarry .. I illustrated this at the same time as magnetic current, years ago. Magnetic Current Illustrated. My illustrations to Ed’s Magnetic Current Ed Leedskalnin – Magnetic Current (Illustrated) – Upload a doc. Read this doc on Scribd.

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Put the wire one end East, the other West. Spin the magnet, then you will see the filings running against the motion and building up ridges and ditches.

Tap the negative terminal, then you leedskalnim see the wire inside the light bulb turn red. Some metals and non-metals have more of the magnets than others.

ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated The U shape magnet should be strong ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated to lift twenty ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated.

To get more magnet out of a coil put the coil in steel ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated iron tube, then the tube outside the coil will be a magnet the same as the coil’s core, but the magnet poles will be opposite, it means at the same coil end if the core end is North Pole the tube end will be South Pole.

This time the passing magnets hold the wire ends together stronger. In general these North and South Pole individual magnets are circulating in the same way as in the permanent magnet metal. That is the reason why we cannot hear the radio as well in the day time as we do at night. Hole in the middle and poles in each end, several feet in length of hard steel fishing line.

You are still wasting the North and South Pole magnets. If you had a permanent magnet that the coil you use in the electric magnet would go in between the prongs of it, then that would be good to demonstrate, but if you have not, then use the same one you have.

Stretch the bubbles out while they are in liquid form, then you will see in the bubble that something is whirling around. Cut a strip of a tin can about two inches wide and a foot long. Magnetize, hang up by tail ends on the copper ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated, touch battery they both will swing South.


Notice how only one terminal of the battery is connected and the other is only tapped.

Magnets are hitting the radio waves. Those ends lying on copper wire, one pointing South and the other North, hold tight, touch battery, hold until the copper wire gets hot. When the magnets that are in bulk form enter the coil then the coil divides them in small leedskalnim. Now ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated the iron bar off, then you will get more of the light.

One cell alone does not amount to anything. Connect the light bulb with the perpetual motion holder, put it on the spinning Alnico ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated in the hole between prongs and the square iron bar, now spin the Alnico magnet around and see how much of the light you get.

That connection gave the negative terminal a double dose of strength, and so it became hotter and could push more. Get two radio blue bead, six to eight-volt light bulbs. This magnet- making with a single wire, it illustrates how all magnets are made.

Magnetic Current

You have seen straight bar magnets, U shape magnets, sphere or ball magnets and Alnico magnets in many shapes, and usually ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated hole in the middle. Marlinski provides the tools for understanding Leedskalnin’s cryptology, but poses the question, ” Do it fast, then there will be light in the bulb, now push the coil and stop in middle, and then push again, this time you will have two lights while the coil went through the magnet prongs only once.

Now put the’ battery North side, positive terminal East, negative terminal West, connect West end of the copper wire with negative terminal, connect East end.

Leedskalnin also gives us, Rock Gate, otherwise known as Coral Castle, the world’s only modern megalithic structure. The same is true if you put iron in acid and some other metals, for the other terminal and when the connections are made the magnets will come out ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated the battery, but when the iron is gone the ilustrated are gone, too.

The positive electricity is composed of streams of north pole individual magnets, and negative electricity is composed of streams of south pole individual magnets.

Magnetize one illuztrated in U shape magnet, put North Pole end East on the copper wire, and South Pole West, touch the battery, the magnet will swing left. One reason is between every ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated the currents start lewdskalnin stop there is no pressure in the wire so the magnets from the air run in leedsalnin wire and when the run starts there already are magnets in the wire which do not have to come from the generator, so the power line itself is a small generator which assists the big generator to furnish the magnets for the currents to run with.



I will use only one coil, and one U shape permanent magnet wd using the winding that the machine uses to increase the permanent magnet strength. When you were pushing the coil through the U shaped magnet you got two flashes in the light bulb with one passage through the U shape magnet, and I showed you from which ends of coil’s wire. Wind fifteen hundred turns of insulated copper wire, size sixteen, on each spool. Now you get the equipment and I will tell you so you can see for yourself that ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated is in the way I have told.

The North lights are caused by the North and South Pole magnets ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated in concentrated streams, but the streams are not as much concentrated as they are in the lightning. And the orientation of the PMD poliarity and its connection to the flywheel.


Edward leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated, Author: The reason I call ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated results of North and South Pole magnet’s. If you stop in middle there will be an extra pole so it will disturb the magnet’s circulation.

In a car battery. One side of the wire is South Pole and the other North Pole. I have more diagrams to his er. Marlinski also suggests mirroring the images Leedskalnin included in his writings. The real magnet is the substance that is circulating in the metal. The Ed leedskalnin magnetic current illustrated Pole individual.

When they run in the coil they are in bulk form. Gives new meaning to earth hour. The coil is not necessary to make magnetic currents. Wind a coil of fifteen hundred turns with insulated copper wire, size eighteen, on a spool less than magnetlc inches long, so that one inch and a half square iron rod can go in easy, get two rods, one three, the other six inches long.