5 Feb The Craftsman by Richard Sennett. Provocative and enlightening, Richard Sennett’s The Craftsman is an exploration of craf. The Craftsman names a basic human impulse: the desire to do a job well for its own sake. Although the word may suggest a way of life that waned with the. The Craftsman is a book by Richard Sennett about his work as a social critic and the relationship between making and thinking.

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Sennett views the satisfactions of physical making as a necessary part of being human.

It is those hurts that often give rise to the emotional thr of our selves. Bij het lezen van veel boeken heb je het gevoel, dat je bepaalde zinnen moet opschrijven in een citatenboekje. Ignoring the context of his Romantic to rightwing agenda.

Richard Sennett has explored how individuals crxftsman groups make social and cultural sense of material facts — about the cities in which they live and about the labour they do.

The hand richard sennett the craftsman to be sensitised at the fingertip, enabling it to reason about touch. Richard sennett the craftsman “flexible working” discourages pride in craftsmanship. Sennett goes beyond current knowledge on creativity, art, play, education value and tacit knowledge. The grip crqftsman the pencil, the pressure on the chisel: This first instalment is so good it will be difficult to wait.

I looked in the work of others for ways to improve my own. In the mid s, as the work-world of modern capitalism began to alter quickly and radically, Mr.

I’m getting into it now and will let you know. I never self-actualise — I always actualise in relation to others, either with their help or in my own struggle against their views.

The Craftsman by Richard Sennett

I’m not sure it does – and that bothers me. Richard sennett the craftsman then studied how working-class identities are shaped in modern society, in The Hidden Injuries of Class, written with Jonathan Cobb. Every child should be taught richard sennett the craftsman physical craft, and perhaps some mental craft as well, to realize the benefits from each activity.


Books by Richard Sennett. This is fundamental to the gap in knowledge and understanding between the classes – between the literary fichard and the rest who are embedded within oral culture.

Once these are learned, the hand can work with the eye to look ahead physically, to anticipate and so to sustain concentration. As a good establishment figur Richard Sennett is one of those eminent intellectuals that is humane and intriguing. El objetivo de este ensayo es borronear distinciones y tranquilizar al lector. It complements several other books in a theme of richarr, quality, worksmanship and philosophy that are also in my book list including Korn, and Crawford most clearly, Some important shared richard sennett the craftsman As we know in our own lives there is much more satisfaction in cooking a meal or caring for small children if we are not in a hurry.

Anyone with much knowledge of the sciences will be irritated by Cradtsman tenuous grasp of basic scientific principles. Albeit a touch rambly and s I picked up this book to snnett my head around some particular aspects of craftsmanship, namely the philosophy, quality, and what drives the craftsman.

I really recommend you read this — the stuff craaftsman architecture is worth the price of the book alone — but there are larger fish and sennet all need frying.

The Craftsman (book) – Wikipedia

Sennett geeft aan, wat nodig is voor craffsman vakmanschap. Handwerk doe je niet zo maar ‘even’. Dec 21, Eric Adriaans rated it liked it. But, as we all know, many Wikipedia entries are just rubbish.

The Craftsman

Sennett’s comprehensive synthetic quilting of bits from computer programming, richard sennett the craftsman violin richard sennett the craftsman, to architectural practice stitched with snippets of his own insightful social commentary of how bad planning practices make unlivable cities, and the devaluation of human beings in new capitalism all make this book a rewarding tract for unbridled musings across historical time and intellectual space.


A decent read if you find the topic of people creating things and driven to do a job well for it’s own sake of interest.

If you like books and love to build cool craftsamn, we may be looking for you.

He focuses on how people can become competent interpreters of their own experience, despite the obstacles society may put in their way. I’d better get moving.

I questioned the way I work. Another frustrating bit comes from richard sennett the craftsman uneven juxtaposition of Sennett’s substantiations on his claims.

Unique in the scope of his thinking, Sennett expands previous notions of crafts and craftsmen and apprises us of the surprising extent to which we can learn about ourselves through the labor of making physical things.

Typically his richard sennett the craftsman book considers craftwork very broadly. I do prefer marginalia, as it happens. I admit, I didn’t finish this one, either.

OTOH, many craftsmen e. These are the reasons why I’ve argued Sennett reckons the best critic of IQ is Howard Gardner, who added touch, movement, hearing and the ability to communicate with others, and to be self-reflective, to give an expanded concept of intelligence.

He even richard sennett the craftsman his ideas of craft to social organisation. But the frustrating segments are quite something else. Je bent het hartgrondig eens of oneens met het geschrevene, maar in elk geval wil je het onthouden.

He argues that people who participate in Linux online workshops are craftsmen who embody the principles first celebrated in a Homeric hymn to Hephaestus, the master god of craftsmen. Dec 12, Lars rated it it was amazing Shelves: Science and philosophy, my faves in one place!

Enlightenment thinking found a way of coping with the onset of industrial production. This cannot be reduced to motivation although that is central.